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Characteristics of electric heating and sterilization cooker

Time[2018-05-19 12:52:35]

      The electric heating sterilizer is aimed at some small and medium-sized enterprises without boilers.
      1. Fast heating. The sterilized pot enters a small amount of circulating water and is heated by a high-power electric heating tube. The package can rapidly heat up to 121 degrees from 20 degrees in 10-15 minutes.
      2. The temperature in the tank is stable and the heat distribution is uniform. The hot water spray system has a series of nozzles on the four corners of each tray in the processing tank, so that the atomized hot water is fully contacted with the product, so that the temperature of each point inside the equipment is consistent.
      3, save energy. The steam condensate recovery system can directly recover the condensate produced by heat exchanger during the heating process, and it can be used as circulating water for sterilization, thus reducing the consumption of energy.
      4, indirect heating and cooling to prevent two pollution. The circulating water is heated or cooled indirectly through the plate heat exchanger. The circulating water in the sterilization pot has been in the aseptic state during heating or cooling. After sterilization, the water droplets on the surface of the pot and the surface of the bag will not leave the white spots. The whole bag is clear and clean, and the two pollution is prevented.
      5, perfect pressure control, suitable for sterilization with gas packaging. The pressure balance system is very important for the sterilization of the internal gas packing, because the pressure balance and control of the gas package in the stage of heating, heat preservation and cooling are required. The control system can continuously monitor the temperature and pressure in the treatment tank and adjust the pressure in the tank to make it corresponding to the pressure in the packaging. The packing of filled air or gas containing any percentage and the packing in the vacuum sealed under vacuum can be sterilized, and the packaging and contents are not damaged or deformed.
      6, perfect heating and cooling, suitable for fragile bottle sterilization. The circulating water is heated from the heat exchanger at normal temperature, and the circulating water is cooled from the heat exchanger in real time to avoid the breakup of glass bottles due to the excessive temperature difference.
      7. Full automatic control system. The whole sterilization process is controlled by computer PLC, and is completed at one time without manual operation. Using graphic panel and touch screen control, all time periods are controlled by analog sensors and automatic valves. The pressure and temperature are digitally displayed, and various pressure modes and temperature modes applicable to any product can be pre programmed into the program input computer. 100 sterilizing formulas can be stored in the computer so that they can be selected for use.

      8. The simulation temperature control system can set up multi-stage heating mechanism. According to the requirements of different food sterilization conditions, different heating and cooling procedures are set at any time. The multi stage heating method can be used to reduce the heat limit of food, so as to preserve its color, fragrance and taste perfectly. The sterilization temperature is accurate to 0.3 degrees, which can avoid overheating or incomplete sterilization.

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