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Full automatic tensile membrane vacuum packaging machine

Time[2018-05-26 10:48:27]

      The DLZ series automatic vacuum packaging machine produced by our company has high automatic operation degree and fast working speed. It has changed the condition of high labor intensity and personnel intensive in the process of product packaging, which greatly saved the labor and management costs for you. The main parts of the equipment are all made of stainless steel, which greatly saves labor cost and management cost. The main parts of the equipment are all made of stainless steel, suitable for the application of high humidity workshop, and will not rust and fall off the main parts due to long time use. The entire Chinese man-machine operation interface, built-in product production calculation, operation failure analysis, emergency alarm prompt, safe operation control, maintenance analysis, electronic version instruction and other practical procedures, let your operation use more simple and clear. The equipment can be made in accordance with your needs to adapt to your working environment, and can make better use of the length of the equipment according to the size of the workshop to better use the area of the production workshop. We have developed a domestic advanced control system on the basis of foreign control system. The control system is fast and stable. The control is accurate, and all parameters can be set independently according to different products and processes. Professional rapid technical services for you to solve the problems in the process of production, we assure you of 24 hours of customer service all weather, for your safe production escort.

Full automatic tensile membrane vacuum packing machine

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