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Matters needing attention in transportation of vacuum packing machine

Time[2018-05-26 10:10:13]

      Vacuum packer is a hot selling packaging equipment, and it is now slowly extended to many factories outside the food industry to use vacuum packer to pack the products. Many customers who use it for many years do not deal with the breakdown of the vacuum packaging machine. Today, Xiaobian summarizes the matters needing attention in the transportation of vacuum packaging machines, and customers can generally pack and pack them according to the method summarized by small compiling.
      1. domestic logistics basically requires the vacuum packer to be packed in wooden cases, and the freight will be calculated according to the larger weight and volume.
      2. when we take a straight freight car, we need a wooden frame for the vacuum packer. The cost can not be fixed with the driver.

      3. all the accessories that are clearly specified in the logistics can not be put in, such as vacuum pump oil and so on. AI Xun will release the oil from the vacuum pump during delivery. Another important point is that the lid of the vacuum packer must be lowered and fixed with the vacuum packer.

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