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      Equipment features:
     1. steam and product direct contact, increase the speed of heating up.

     2. low noise, create a quiet and comfortable working environment.

     3. can be equipped with four portable temperature sensing probes, which can monitor the lower value of the food center and the heat distribution in the pot at any time, and know the time of heat penetration at any time (the time of temperature from the food surface to the food geometry center).

     4. the perfect pressure control, the whole production process pressure is constantly adjusted to adapt to the change of 4 pressure in the product packaging, so that the deformability of the product package is lowest, especially the product containing gas package.

      Application scope:
      It is especially suitable for soft packaging, tin cans, aluminum cans, PP bottles, HDPE bottles, etc.


      Product advantages:
     Human-machine interface control system: the running state of the equipment is shown by the touch screen in animated form.The human-machine interface makes the control easier and the working principle of the process is clear at a glance.
     high quality materials: the main parts are made of special materials for pressure vessels and stainless steel, which meet the requirements of food hygiene, corrosion resistance and easy maintenance. Equipment detail handling is better than before, which greatly prolongs the service life of equipment.
     high starting point configuration: equipment components are imported brand to ensure product stability.
Performance, prolong the service life of the equipment.

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