Add:HOME>> Product is especially suitable for packing solids with greater specific gravity than liquids and different concentrations.Sticky filling food. (for example: eight treasure porridge, tinned tin, plastic cans, easy to produce.Precipitated soft packaging and other products.

2.the internal rotation is formed after welding and assembly, ensuring the concentricity of the axis and the rotating body during the rotation.

3.the combination of mechanical seal and sealing ring can completely solve the problem of water vapor penetration in the process of rotation. The supporting wheel is made of bearing rolling bearing structure, with double seals and long service life. system adopts a speed reducer with automatic brake function and an automatic positioning system, which ensures that the guide rail of the rotator cage keeps the horizontal position of the guide rail after stopping.

5.the material basket compression system is automatically compressed by double intake cylinders. The whole cylinder is made of 22 stainless steel and other composite materials. and reducer are integrated to solve a series of problems caused by the shift of the drive shaft concentricity caused by the displacement of the deceleration frame and the rotating O body during the use.

7.the speed of rotation can be adjusted at any time according to the viscosity of the product, so that the rotational speed of the rotating body can be adjusted at any time so as to achieve the goal of no stratification and no precipitation.

8.the whole process of sterilization adopts PLC automatic linear control. The temperature of the heat distribution in the tank is controlled at 0.5 centigrade. It can be heated in multiple stages, save energy and have the function of F value measurement, and can store more than 100 bactericidal formulas. Steam enters directly, sterilization speed is fast, steam and sterilization time are saved.

 Application scope:
      It is especially suitable for soft packaging, tin cans, aluminum cans, PP bottles, HDPE bottles, etc.

      Optional equipment:
      Accurate F measurement function (optional) sterilizer can be configured to measure the F value function. All the sterilization data, including sterilization condition, F value, time temperature curve, time pressure curve, etc. can be preserved or printed by the data processing software. In order to facilitate the management of production.

      Product advantages:
      Human-machine interface control system: the running state of the equipment is shown by the touch screen in animated form.The human-machine interface makes the control easier and the working principle of the process is clear at a glance.

      High quality materials: the main parts are made of special materials for pressure vessels and stainless steel, which meet the requirements of food hygiene, corrosion resistance and easy maintenance. Equipment detail handling is better than before, which greatly prolongs the service life of equipment.
High starting point configuration: imported equipment is used to ensure the stability of the product and prolong the service life of the equipment.

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