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Equipment features:

1.The sterilization water is preheated and sterilize with high temperature starting point, shortening the sterilization time and protecting the product quality.

2.After sterilization, the hot water is recycled to the top tank, saving steam, energy consumption and sterilization time.

3.For flexible packaging products, especially large package, the heat penetration speed is fast and the germicidal efficacy is good.

4.PLC program control, standardization of sterilization

5.FO value control system can be equipped to make bactericidal more scientific

6.The heat distribution is uniform and the product quality is easily controlled

Application scope:

It is especially suitable for soft packaging, tin cans, aluminum cans, PP bottles, HDPE bottles, etc.

Optional equipment:
Accurate F value measurement function (optional) *
The bactericidal pot can be configured to measure the F value. All sterilization data, including sterilization conditions, Fvalue,
Time temperature curve and time pressure curve can be processed through data processing software.
Save or print. In order to facilitate the management of production.

Product advantage:

Human-machine interface control system: the running state of the equipment is shown by the touch screen in animated form.
The human-machine interface makes the control simpler and the process flow.
At a glance
High quality materials: the main parts are made of special materials for pressure vessels and stainless steel.
It meets the requirements of food hygiene, corrosion resistance and convenient maintenance.
Equipment detail handling is much better, which greatly extends the use of equipment.Life
High starting configuration: the equipment parts are imported brand to ensure the stability of the product.
Performance, prolong the service life of the equipment.

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