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The equipment is a revolutionary upgrade of the vacuum packaging machine technology of the tangential angle tensile membrane. It fundamentally solves the problems of the product packaging cutting round angle with burr, the poor corner effect, and so on, making the drawing film packaging machine realize the real meaning of the packaging product, make the packaging effect more beautiful and grade; make the consumer to the equipment. The packaged products have better visual effects.

Equipment features:

Equipment features:

1. it is widely used for both food packaging and non food packaging.The length of the machine is only 7 meters, so it can save space very much.

2. the whole machine is made of food grade stainless steel. It is strong and sanitary, and integrates advanced design and manufacture.The idea is to make the machine your reliable partner.

3. low energy consumption and simple operation system make this series of models the first choice for assembly line operation.

4.DLZ420/520 soft film tangential round angle stretching film packaging machine has the characteristics of high efficiency of the full automatic drawing machine, and the product has the beauty of the round angle of the finished bag. The advanced upper and lower mold positioning system ensures the uniformity of the upper and lower film walking, and can be used in the color film and aluminum foil packaging.

Product parameters:

Application scope:
This equipment is widely used in dried bean curd, small fish, chicken wings, Flammulina velutipes, beef gluten, drawing protein and other snack foods.

Equipment system:

Equipment system:
1. multipurpose: soft and hard membrane. Multistep, vacuuming and paper feeding make your product completely summarized on one machine.
2. high efficiency: the high vacuum vacuum pump imported from the park, the speed of working cycle is fast, and the operation cost of manpower and equipment investment can be effectively reduced.
3. safety: the safety emergency switch and the seamless protective measures that cover the fuselage, fully feel the humanization of modern all day moving machinery.
4. convenience: the drive chain is equipped with dynamic lubrication. The fuselage board can be removed by the hand. Let you intuitively face each part and work schedule of the machine. Maintenance, maintenance, cleaning more convenient
5. strength: the whole machine 304 food grade stainless steel frame structure, it is not easy to deform: the parts are made of stainless steel standard products. The mold is made of high strength finished aluminum plate, and the fine art level is collected.
6. convenience: the slide bead of the finished product area is borrowed and transported. Ensure that the product will not be injured by the lower face. Directly connect your automatic transfer package system.
7. superiority: we have advanced manufacturing technology and technology of European equipment. In-plane matching advantageThe price and the answer to the whole day

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