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This series of frying pan is mainly used in food industry, such as lotus seed paste, fruit Rong, bean paste, jujube paste, candy, sauce, curry, conditioning food and various vegetables frying.
This series of products adopts a semi spherical stainless steel pot formed by stamping, which is heated by steam and has large heating area and high thermal efficiency. All the parts of this product are made of S30408 stainless steel and polished. It is in accordance with the requirements of the food hygiene law of People Republic of China. It has beautiful shape, reasonable design, compact structure, easy installation, easy operation and easy maintenance.
The mixing method adopts special tilting transmission, and the planetary stirrer is used to fully contact with the boiler body. The mixing system adopts the combination of rotation and revolution, and its transmission ratio is not integer transmission ratio, which ensures that there is no stirring blind spot in the pot.
The advanced transmission and sealing structure makes the transmission part clean and hygienic. The automatic / hydraulic type of this series of equipment uses hydraulic thrust to turn the stirring arm over, avoid disassembly agitator, and then use hydraulic thrust to turn over the pot body, easy to import raw materials and save manpower, and use the stepless frequency converter to heat the high viscosity products and heat them evenly. It is easy to operate, high working efficiency and low energy consumption. Long service life, compact structure and convenient maintenance, it is a good mixer.
Main structure
This series of equipment is mainly composed of boiler body, frame, mixing system, heating system, speed governing transmission device, stirring shaft and boiler turnover system.
The pot body is made by stamping a large tonnage press.
The frame is welded by square tube and sheet metal, and the frame is used to bear and fix the system of boiler body, stirring system, transmission device, stirring shaft and hydraulic system.
Mixing system: it is made up of mixing shaft and food grade abrasion resistant and heat-resistant tetrafluoroethylene material.
Heating system: consists of a steam pipe.
Speed governing device: the stepless frequency converter is adopted in the governor, and the domestic famous brand reducer is adopted in the reducer.
The boiler body turnover system is composed of a hydraulic station and an oil cylinder. The key parts of the hydraulic station are made in Taiwan, and the manual type is made up of worm and worm gear.

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