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Zongzi cooking pot (turn off the door automatically)
The cooking pot is widely used in the processing of dairy, wine, confectionery, pharmacy, pastries, candied fruit, beverage, canned and steamed food. It can also be used in large restaurants or canteens to boil soup, cooking, stew and porridge. It is a good equipment for improving quality, shortening time and improving labor items in food processing.
In order to meet the requirements of the manufacturers, the company has been experimentation and improvement on the basis of the original vertical sterilizer. A series of steaming cookers of zongzi are introduced. The main features of this product are as follows:
1. the upper part of the pot is provided with steam inlet and outlet. The jacket is heated through the jacket, and the steam heating efficiency in the jacket is high, and the taste is fast.
The 2. pot material can be used for driving. The soup in the pot does not need to be discharged when the cooking end is closed. (after multiple use, it can be discharged through the bottom drain valve). The medium can be used continuously, reducing the cost and saving energy.
3. the outside of the pot is kept with 20-50mm insulation layer to avoid heat loss in the pot and high temperature scald when people are operating.
4., the structure of the pot door is changed to the flange bolt connection and fixed type for the hydraulic quick open type. The photoelectric limiting, interlocking and interlocking functions are added. When a part of the operation is not in operation, it can not enter the next operation control (even if the operation control button is invalid).
The 5. pot door is inflatable and sealed by safety linkage, and the head flange is rotated for gear and rack drive. Install the sight glass at the upper water level of the pot to facilitate the timely addition of the soup.
6. two devices share a hydraulic station, which can operate single operation, save space and reduce cost.
7. this product can be used for cooking and sterilization of zongzi, marinated eggs and similar products. During the cooking process, the temperature, pressure, time, water intake, intake, drainage and exhaust can be effectively controlled, and the production efficiency can be improved.
Structure description, shape size and related parameters.

The main body of the cooking pot is composed of a cylinder body, a jacket, a leg, a pot cover head, a pot head, a pot cover flange, an insulation layer, a steam inlet and outlet, a sewage outlet, etc. To facilitate operation, the pan must be fixed before installation, and the operation platform should be installed.
The lid is mainly composed of crank arm device, limit device, manual chain, rack, pressure gauge, safety valve, open lid oil cylinder device, photoelectric limit switch and so on.
The upper part of the pot body is provided with a pot door inflating port, a view mirror and a safety interlocking exhaust port.
The design pressure is 0.30Mpa, the maximum working pressure is 0.28Mpa and the design temperature is 142 C.
Similar equipment is compared to the pot door.
Hydraulic fast open type pot door

Other manufacturers fasten flange type pot doors

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